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Case Study- SE2 INDIA


COVID 19 called for a lockdown. However, being a part of the Financial Services sector, many of SE2 client contracts prohibit WFH, especially in the offshore model.

The challenge in this unprecedented time challenge was ensuring Employee Wellbeing, both in transit and at office, with practical solutions implemented in a collaborative way.

While the mandatory locked down called for unforeseen measures, SE2 India needed to gradually return to campus to work as 1SE2 community.


The 23 Watts devised a Return To Campus Plan, which was divided into 3 stages, on Ground Zero we designed communications with content and creatives for:

The best practices to follow when entering the office.

  • Communications across IC Channels on driving importance of masks- how to wear, use and dispose masks.

  • Highlight the need for proper sanitisation in interesting and fun ways.

Guidelines when within the campus

  • Building rules of social distancing with messages “A Big Group is a Nope!”, “Together We Shall Come Out Victorious” across common spaces like cafeterias, lifts, meeting rooms and the likes.

  • A COVID 19 special newsletter to keep employees updated and to boost employee morale.

Guidelines to follow while leaving the campus.


Gradually SE2 employees, started to Return To the Campus, in Gurugram & Pune, from July first week. The return plan was phased out, and all the necessary communication plans of safety measures within the campus were put into action. This tactical plan helped SE2 Return To Campus in full swing by the end of October.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic SE2 employees were working from office, and they vividly hired new employees through digital platforms.

  • Achieved 75% employee engagement cumulatively on all activities organized for employees virtually, nearly 60% of them actively participating.

  • 78% of the vacancies were filled during the year, with over 100 employees joining since April 2020.

  • All town hall meetings received near-perfect attendance, with the Pune anniversary celebration receiving over 150 attendees, with participation from prospective employees and global leadership.

  • Hired 109 employees from April 2020, helping SE2’s Pune office reach the 100-employees mark, months earlier than the targeted date.

  • 0% layoffs throughout the year and all salaries, bonuses, increments continued as planned.

  • Chirag Buch, Managing Partner, SE2 India, was also invited by Nasscom to deliver a talk about the returning to campus strategy of the company and execution, to the Nasscom members across the NCR region and later for companies across India.

  • The newly launched e-hiring drive process helped hire around 60 employees through it.

  • Periodic surveys were conducted to obtain employee feedback on the communication throughout the year. Over 1200+ employees responded to the survey, gathering around 96% positive feedback on the clarity of communication and engagement activities hosted during the year.



Being part of the financial services sector, our client work requires operations running from an office location. Post Lockdown, we needed to gradually return to campus and build upon collaboration, innovation and transformation. While we ensured readiness along with all guidelines, the #RTC (Return To Campus) campaign helped us drive awareness, invoke trust in employees and helped employees return to the office with confidence. It helped us drive empathy and flexibility across our two campuses in Pune & Gurgaon ensuring a smooth transition from WFH to RTC.

Shefali Gogia

Manager-Internal and Corporate Communication, SE2 India

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