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Case Study- PRIONE


In March 2020, as lockdown was announced, Prione Group became one of the first companies to announce #StayHome #WorkFromHome for all its employees. COVID 19 brought about the digital transformation everybody wanted but were not ready for the same. That brought upon a common yet unique challenge – of managing the 1200+ employees, from transition to transformation.

Through Prione’s Internal employee survey, we got the following insights on employee behavior and expectations:

  • Employees were unsure of the future and there existed a cloud of uncertainty.

  • They were unsure on adopting the new normal & working from home.

  • Balancing work from home and work at home.

  • There were problems of inclusivity & team camaraderie during the pandemic.

  • Job loss, pay loss, work loss fears were top of the mind.


The 23 Watts initiated a campaign #LEAP during COVID 19 to keep engagement high whilst the employees were working from home through LinkedIn and Internal Communications platform.


Employees started to learn together by sharing the newly acquired skills: cooking, mixology, painting, baking, coding and so on. Leaders like the Prione sales head, Pankaj Jathar, inspired his juniors by sharing how he spent his time with his family during the lockdown and the #MothersofPrione highlighted the challenges they face WFH but how they overcome this every day.


The activities like the virtual celebration of Prione and Cloudtail’s 6 years anniversary saw employees connect, support and stay engaged with each other. Initiated and conceptualized the bi-monthly Fun Friday Engagement activity. Team camaraderie and Prione’s core values were on display with all these activities.


Some activities like Leadership Speaks & Leading Lights were chalked out which made the employees reflect on the various ways to adapt in this changed world to achieve business continuity. Introducing 30 First Time Employees and 25 interns virtually in a cool way that grabbed eyeballs, helped showcase Cloudtail/Prione as employer of choice.


In the last leg of L.E.A.P, we asked Prione/Cloudtail employees to practice empathy, with a video that was put up on LinkedIn. To keep employees updated conceptualized and created Silver Lining Newsletter for Cloudtail and started graphic Newsletter for Prione.


With 0% Extra Investment In The Activities We Achieved:

  • 75% of the Employees feel fully equipped for work from home.

  • 50% of the Employees leading a balanced life while working from home.

  • 95% employees felt satisfied.

  • The L.E.A.P. Internal Communication Campaign received a rating of 4.20 on 5 from Prione & Cloudtail Employees.



Our biggest business challenge during COVID pandemic was ensuring teams are engaged and focused amidst all that was happening in the world. LEAP campaign not only helped us educate our 1200+ employees on all happenings during the lockdown but also got them together through activities that helped maintain a work-life balance. LEAP also helped us reiterate Prione's focus, culture and principles well amongst employees during these testing times."

Neeti Dhawan

PR Lead, Prione

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